So much for religions coexisting

So the Saudi Grand Mufti was recently asked what Islamic law had to say on the subject of Christian Churches in Arabic nations. He declared that according to Muhammed the Arabic peninsular was to only exist under a single religion – which was obviously Islam. Thus certain factions with Kuwait took that to mean that all Christian churches need to be destroyed.

So much for the public face of interfaith peaceful coexistence.

Can you imagine for a moment the outcry (and IMO rightly so, even I as an Atheist would agree) if a western religious leader suggested destroying all Islamic Mosques, or Jewish Temples etc? You just know that certain extremist elements would be calling for the removal, or worse, of this person, and more moderate followers would be strangely silent.

You really have to love a religious double standard.

In support of Rebecca Watson

Several months ago there was a little ‘scandal’ that rocked the sceptical world that came to be known as Elevatorgate (gawd I hate it when people add ‘gate’ to the end of things). To anyone who is at all involved in the sceptical community they will already know what happened and I have no desire to go over the events here.

As someone who exists largely on the fringes of the sceptical and atheist communities I pretty much stayed out of the debate.  I figured that it was all just a storm in a tea-cup and would blow over soon enough. Indeed, as the weeks turned into months the story slowly faded from my sight, only occasionally popping up. Just as any big story does in the press.

Because I wasn’t really paying attention, and I usually switched off when I realised a blog post was about this event I never fully understood the levels of depravity some dirty low-life scum were still sinking to, and how there were treating Rebecca.

Until I decided to read this post:

I am in utter disgust with the way that some people are treating not only a fellow human being, but also a fellow sceptic. The hate that Rebecca has had directed her way is utterly deplorable, and completely uncalled for.

If sides are being taken, and I really wish they weren’t, then I want to make it publicly known that I am absolutely, 100%, behind Rebecca Watson here.

Today is Blasphemy Day 2011

(Can’t think of anything more appropriate than my 2009 post on this subject)

As you may, or may not, be aware, today is International Blasphemy Day, and to that end, here is my little bit of Blasphemy… (edit: and dreadful comma abuse, sorry)

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Just posting an image I found on the intertubes that every evolution denier really should see.

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Site problems

For some unknown reason at some point early on in June the site went down. I don’t know exactly when, and I still don’t know why. I’ve managed to track it down to a possible issue with the theme that I was using, so I’ve reverted to the basic WP theme in the meantime and that has at least allowed the site to be visible.

Sorry if that has caused my 3 readers any problems. ;)

P.S. Is it a coincidence that it happened only shortly after we were all supposed to be raptured?

Still here?

Well, either I’m not going to be raptured, or it’s not going to happen.

So, when do the excuses start?

Apocalypse or STFU!

May 21st

So, according to Harold Camping tomorrow is the day of the rapture. Are we all prepared?
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Draw Muhammed Day Flickr Stream

Thunderf00t has setup a Draw Muhammed day Flickr stream and web site.

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Draw Muhammed Day 2011 is coming up

So here is my entry.

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What are we to God?

Today I Stumbled upon this article from, and it got me thinking a little. One question popped into my head – “What are we to God?” Being a Sunday morning and my not being in church it seemed appropriate to briefly explore this.

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Aliens or God?

Does it really make a difference?

Christian foster couple lose ‘homosexuality views’ case

So, a couple from Bristol have lost a court case against their local council because the council wouldn’t consider them suitable for fostering kids because their ‘Christian’ views prohibited them from saying that a homosexual lifestyle was acceptable.


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Happy Christmas everyone

Just a quickie to wish everyone a Happy Christmas whatever your beliefs. I hope you all get to celebrate how you wish, and do what you feel is appropriate at this time of year.

Geordies Burning Korans

When I first read about this on Thursday it left me steaming mad. So much so that I decided to go and steam in the sauna at the local gym and think about it for a few days before posting.
So, it seems that a bunch of lads from Gateshead (not that far from where I was born) decided to burn a Koran in memory of 11th September.

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Apologise for Hitler

According to Bill Donohue of the Catholic League we atheists should apologise for Hitler, seeing as how he was an atheist, and so obviously not a Catholicno not at all.
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