Pure concentrated stupidity!

If you find yourself with about a month free, and feel like melting your brain, you could always pop over to http://www.jesus-is-savior.com – but I wouldn’t recommend it. ;)

But when you start reading some of that massive content, that’s when the brain melt will set in. It’s just a constant barrage of idiotic drivel. The use of so many logical fallacies, over and over. The repeating of straw man arguments that have long since been torn down again and again. It’s a mark of a truly faith-based mind that it can still believe that any of this would still hold any weight. The only people that it could convince in any way are those that don’t need convincing in the first place. For those whose minds actually work properly we can see it for the brain fart that it actually is.

Now, I will grant the author one thing (and pretty much only one thing), it must have been a monumental labour of love to create the site. To be able to concentrate such huge amounts of inane, baseless, stupidity into one place… it’s almost a work of art!

3 comments to Pure concentrated stupidity!

  • Mike

    Oh my! The section where this person tries to debunk evolution is a complete joke!

    Pure stupidity at its finest.

    • Slugsie

      Evolutionists say that YOU used to be a fish. Do you really believe that? Sounds like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale to me. It takes more faith to believe an amoeba is my daddy, than to believe that God created me. Where are all those elusive transitional forms, such as lizards with feathers? There should be MILLIONS of them, but NOT ONE has been found. The “missing link” will NEVER be found because it does NOT exist! Evolution is NOT observable, testable, or repeatable. Evolution is NOT science! Evolution is a faith, a belief, a RELIGION—the religion of Atheism and Humanism!

      It takes talent to write a paragraph that long and have every single sentence contain at least one error.

  • goprairie

    The scariest section to me is the one on feminism. Ii is amazing that these churches have any women willing to agree to that nonsense. How incredibly backward.

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