Apologise for Hitler

According to Bill Donohue of the Catholic League we atheists should apologise for Hitler, seeing as how he was an atheist, and so obviously not a Catholicno not at all.


September 16, 2010

Catholic League president Bill Donohue reacts to the way British atheists are handling Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to their homeland:

The pope cited Hitler today, asking everyone to “reflect on the sobering lessons of atheist extremism of the 20th century.” Immediately, the British Humanist Association got its back up, accusing the pope of “a terrible libel against those who do not believe in God.”

The pope did not go far enough. Radical atheists like the British Humanist Association should apologize for Hitler. But they should not stop there. They also need to issue an apology for the 67 million innocent men, women and children murdered under Stalin, and the 77 million innocent Chinese killed by Mao. Hitler, Stalin and Mao were all driven by a radical atheism, a militant and fundamentally dogmatic brand of secular extremism. It was this anti-religious impulse that allowed them to become mass murderers. By contrast, a grand total of 1,394 were killed during the 250 years of the Inquisition, most all of whom were murdered by secular authorities.

Why should atheists today apologize for the crimes of others? At one level, it makes no sense: apologies should only be given by the guilty. But on the other hand, since the fanatically anti-Catholic secularists in Britain, and elsewhere, demand that the pope—who is entirely innocent of any misconduct—apologize for the sins of others, let the atheists take some of their own medicine and start apologizing for all the crimes committed in their name. It might prove alembic.

[Quoted just in case it magically disappears]

OK, here goes.

I, the quietAtheist, do hereby issue an apology to the human race for that abomination of the 20th Century – Adolf Hitler, who was after all another human being.

As human beings we must shoulder some of the blame (apparently, according to Christian Doctrine anyway) for the actions of other human beings no matter what they believe, why they believe it, or even how long ago they believed it. Despite the fact that he died some 25 years before I was born, the burden of his utterly evil acts lies with myself – and all the rest of humanity.

Mind you, at least I personally haven’t been involved in the cover-up of heinous crimes against  humanity. Maybe I have driven down the motorway a tad fast once or twice but I don’t think that really counts.

So, yet again I apologise for Hitler. And Stalin. Oh, Pol Pot, better do him as well. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone.

So Bill, your turn?

9 comments to Apologise for Hitler

  • Chuck

    Firstly, please do not help them perpetuate the Christian myth (pun intended) that Hitler was an Atheist. Hitler was raised Catholic as a child. Though he rejected Catholicism, he most certainly had a skewed belief in a God. He was vocally antagonistic toward atheism (also falsely conflating it with communism).

    Secondly, does an individual have the authority or right to apologize for another person with whom they have no association other than a shared (falsely attributed in this case) disbelief? Would it not be more proper for the organization which gave him his “moral outlook” in his youth to apologize for making such a blunder of it? Would it not also be appropriate for Bill Donohue, a self-admitted Catholic, to apologize for his organization’s horrific buggery of helpless children? Its molestation of hundreds of blind children? The elaborate cover-up by Church administrators? I’m probably running out of space, so I’ll cut myself off here.


    • Slugsie

      Chuck, I really think you’re missing the point. Firstly, my opening paragraph should make it quite clear (although in a sarcastic manner I admit) that Hitler was a Catholic. Secondly, I have a shared association. He was a human being, I am a human being. By that authority alone I have share a connection, and thus is the basis (and nothing else) for my apology. I am not apologising as an Atheist, I am apologising as a human being.

      Yes, Bill Donohue should be apologising for the acts of the Catholic Church he so strongly wishes to defend. The fact that he has not been able to just come right out and say it speaks volumes about him and his beloved church.

  • darkyn

    Only after the theists apologize for the millions killed as heretics, sacrificed to their gods, or killed in conflicts about whose superstition is correct. I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.

  • kevin

    donohue is a mental turd.

    save a child….. seduce a priest…

    have more babies….. priests are horny…

    dont use birth control and pray for little boys….

    catholic priests.

    ratzinger is a nazi.. hitler was a catholic. donohue is a mental turd.

  • GMNightmare

    No, even in complete sarcasm and used to reverse the situation on the pope, such actions tick me off.

    People do not have the right to apologize for other people. I sit here, and have to listen time after time again of Christians apologizing for other Christian’s, like they aren’t real Christians. That somehow they apologizing for it makes it all better, makes it right, and it’s just another way for them to stay in their delusional world. They don’t actually care either. It’s all about face and shame. It’s personal…

    Which comes back to the problem of you posting what you did… those people did heinous crimes against humanity, and you making an apology for them to simply make a point, is not okay. And no apology is enough to resolve what they did wrong.

    You went the wrong way of dealing with it this time.

    • Slugsie

      Sorry GMNightmare, but I think I have the right to apologise for whoever and whatever I want to – comes under the heading of free speech.

      Yes, these people did unspeakable acts – and to fellow humans too. Some of them took the easy way out so that they wouldn’t have to face up to the acts they committed. I admit that my apology goes nowhere to offer restitution for these acts, but at least I am prepared to offer it. Has the Catholic Church ever offered an apology for its tacit support of the Nazi regime?

  • Nevahl

    Ahem…I beg their pardon, but it seems to me that they are a bit confused about the reality of what happened…I believe that they it is they who should be apologizing for Jasenovac, a concentration camp in Croatia, headed by a FRANCISCAN FRIAR, where thousands of Jews (and even Christians) were murdered. Here, The CATHOLICS burned their victims in kilns, most were burned alive (the Nazis were decent enough to have their victims gassed first), the number of them being estimated between 300,000 and 600,000, in a rather tiny country. Many of the killers were Franciscan friars. The atrocities were appalling enough to induce bystanders of the Nazi “Sicherheitsdient der SS”, watching, to complain about them to Hitler (who did not listen). The pope knew about these events and did nothing to prevent them….making him just as guilty.

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