What are we to God?

Today I Stumbled upon this article from AtheismResource.com, and it got me thinking a little. One question popped into my head – “What are we to God?” Being a Sunday morning and my not being in church it seemed appropriate to briefly explore this.

Firstly, lets accept the premise of the article, that it turns out that the Abrahamic religions are correct and God/Yahweh does exist, and shortly after we die we find ourselves confronted by God and needing to give an account of our lives.

The questioner in the article asks:

Will you say the magic words and suddenly I’ll understand how a child being raped, murdered, and left in a ditch fits in with you infinite benevolence? Will starvation and disease make sense?

It’s at this point that my mind wandered a little, and I tried to see if I could figure out a way that an apparently all powerful supreme being could be so callous as to allow things like rape, murder, disease and general suffering to exist when they could wipe them out in an instant. A moments cogitation, and the answer hit me.

We’re irrelevant!

Just as we think nothing of killing an ant on the sidewalk as we walk to work, or taking antibiotics when we’re ill and wiping out whole colonies of bacteria, God just doesn’t care about us.

It’s not too surprising when you really think about it either. He apparently created this unimaginably immense universe, that according to currently observable evidence is 93,000,000,000 light years wide. Given that our minds can’t properly understand even the size of our own solar system that’s just mind bogglingly big. There must be so much stuff going on in that whole universe that we’re not even a blip on a blip on a blip on his radar.

When you’ve got the ability to observe stunning galaxies coalesce, grow, merge, and die, and you’re a being for whom galaxy forming time is no more than a few minutes is to us then the entirety of human existence (even if you accept Creationists assertion of 6-10 thousand years) is nothing.

The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (M104)
Source: Hubblesite.org

The Sombrero Galaxy. Quite possibly my favourite galaxy.

When you have the ability to watch things like that, why would you care what is happening to Joe Smith?

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  • Elizabeth A.

    Actually, Thats not true, we do matter to God, in-fact we are Him best creation, and He loves us more then we can begin to imagine. To answer your question about why these things happen, i can’t tell you, but if we read through the bible we know that God created us to love Him and bring glory to Him, But we let sin get in the way. But God is still in control, and there is still hope for those who put their hope in Him. His plan in bigger then the sin that has consuming the world. God is sovereign and amazing, and yes, compared to Him we are nothing. But He loves us more then anything. No, i can’t comprehend it either. All I know is I’m glad Gods in charge because if anyone or anything else was in charge I would not want to be around right now!

    • Slugsie

      So your all powerful deity created us to love him. That seems a little conceited, and doesn’t sound like any form of ‘perfect being’ that I could think of. Sounds like a self centred jerk to me.

      Personally I’m glad that a being like that doesn’t appear to be in charge. Anyone who creates a universe just to stroke his massive ego isn’t worthy of a moment of my consideration.

  • Victoria


    You are not alone. This is a question I think so many people struggle with even as Christians. What are we to God? And “Why does he allow terrible things to happen.” “Where is God when we are in pain and why if he is so powerful and claims to love us so much does he not stop bad things from happening?”

    I’m actually reading a book right now where a young woman turns from God after the tragic death of her mother and grape of her sisters. She tries to take matters into her own hands but only ends up making matters worse.

    I know that I tend to rail at God when things are not going well. To shake my angry fist at the sky and tell him its his fault. But really I’m blind to see that I may be the cause of the problem or when tragedy strikes that we live in a sinful, selfish, broken world and that these are not the acts of God but of the devil.

    How do we battle this? Through him. In him. With him. By him.

    Here is a conversation in The Red Siren by M.L.Tyndall

    Faith: “But He’s God. He can stop them. He can protect us.”

    Dajon: “Yes, He can.” “But pephaps He had other plans. Maybe he allows things to happen that will lead us in a different direction, or bring us closer to Him, or strengthen our character. We do not know. That is were trust comes in.”

    “Trust? Faith snickered. “When everything is crumbling down around me?”

    “Aye. That is what trust is. Ti’s easy to trust when all is well.” “Trust His word is true Mrs. Westcott, that He loves you, that ‘all things work together for the good of them that love God’ and then see what he can create out of life’s worst calamities”

    We must trust. He is trustworthy. Trust is never easy. Its a choice I have to make every day. And he knows you better than you know yourself! I am praying for your heart, that whatever broke it can be healed.
    Sorry for the long explanation! I feel like I just wrote a book :)
    Peace be with you.

  • Victoria

    Hello again if you have any more questions for me Id be heartwarmed to answer them to the best of my abililty.

  • Renard

    To ask a question of something you believe does not exist is perplexing, to seek answers from the true answer giver is far more rewarding.

    6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him. For he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
    Hebrews 11:6

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