In support of Rebecca Watson

Several months ago there was a little ‘scandal’ that rocked the sceptical world that came to be known as Elevatorgate (gawd I hate it when people add ‘gate’ to the end of things). To anyone who is at all involved in the sceptical community they will already know what happened and I have no desire to go over the events here.

As someone who exists largely on the fringes of the sceptical and atheist communities I pretty much stayed out of the debate.  I figured that it was all just a storm in a tea-cup and would blow over soon enough. Indeed, as the weeks turned into months the story slowly faded from my sight, only occasionally popping up. Just as any big story does in the press.

Because I wasn’t really paying attention, and I usually switched off when I realised a blog post was about this event I never fully understood the levels of depravity some dirty low-life scum were still sinking to, and how there were treating Rebecca.

Until I decided to read this post:

I am in utter disgust with the way that some people are treating not only a fellow human being, but also a fellow sceptic. The hate that Rebecca has had directed her way is utterly deplorable, and completely uncalled for.

If sides are being taken, and I really wish they weren’t, then I want to make it publicly known that I am absolutely, 100%, behind Rebecca Watson here.

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